How We Got Started

The story of how Small Shop Concepts was started is one likely similar to those of our customers aspiring to become small business owners and entrepreneurs in a home based shop through the use of small machining equipment.  It all started a decade ago in 2010 with a Grizzly G0704 manual mill and everything snowballed from there.  Modifications and ideas of upgrades became the newest cool thing for us.  I am sure most of our customers can attest that this can be a very fun and rewarding hobby, as well as a side or full-time business. It is one of those passions that bites a small percentage of us and we just can't help but see machining as one of the coolest things on the planet!  

That is where Small Shop Concepts comes in!  We hope to form a global community for people to buy and sell products for small shops.  Our vision is to grow the CNC community of small shops around the world by offering products that will be greatly beneficial in making small machines perform at a level previously thought impossible!  We love all machines big and small, but have a place in our hearts for the ones we started out on and want to give back our findings to the community in the form of high quality products at reasonable prices!

So here is us welcoming you to the small shop community! We hope to be a part of your journey!

Small Shop Concepts