DrewTronics s5000LED WIRED CNC PROBE

DrewTronics s5000LED WIRED CNC PROBE

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DrewTronics CNC Probe Solutions 

The s5000LED is a CNC probe design with normally closed internal switch contacts. When probe comes in contact with any work surface the internal switch opens and light comes on.  Accuracy when probing locations is ~.001 and repeat trigger ability is +-.0002".  This probe works with Mach3, Dynomotion, and other CNC control systems with probing routines. 

Comes with hardened steel 1/8 inch diameter ball probe stylus.  Can be used with ruby stylus tips of varying diameters as needed. 

  • Blue LED
  • 6061 Anodized Aluminum NEW FEATURE!
  • 3/8" Hardened Shank Diameter
  • 4 Concentricity Setting Screws
  • 1/8" Hardened Ball Nose Probe Tip
  • 3.25" Body Gage Length
  • 1.25" Stylus Length
  • Standard M3 X .5mm Probe Tip Thread
  • Standard 5.5mm Connector NEW FEATURE!
  • 0.250" Over Travel Protection Distance
  • 1.5" Body Diameter

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